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Sunday, November 09, 2008

EULLA is 3 years old!

I can't believe our little girl is now THREE years old. Eulla is a very talkative girl. She tries to communicate with sentences now. She likes to say "Eulla" instead of I or me. She knows her colors and she recently changed her favorite color from RED to PINK! She knows some of her shapes like triangle, circle and square. She can draw a happy face with eyes, a nose and a mouth. She loves to color and cut magazine pages with a pair of scissors. She also likes to pretend. She plays with her Disney Princess toys a lot. She loves to go to the mall and to her lolo 's house . Those are the places we always tell her we are going to when ever she's getting antsy. Then she relaxes and waits till we get to them. She has memorized the way to my parents house from our house. She knows if we have changed our route.

Eulla eats well. She likes her vegetables a lot more than meat. She likes broccoli (which she refers to as flowers), sitaw, and lettuce (from salads). She would prefer fish than steak or pork. But of course, she loves sour candies like starburst and skittles and prefers them more than chocolates.

Eulla loves to dance and sing. She always pulls her Daddy to dance with her when she hears a song that she loves. She knows how to operate the iPod touch on her own. She calls it her iPhone. She loves to copycat.

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little princess!

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love the wellies! i want one! ~trina

happy bday, eullabear!

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