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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Eulla's Birthday Party

We were at Chuck e Cheese 15 minutes before her party started to finalize all the food that will be served. A little past 12pm, we started receiving guests. Eulla was excited to open up her gifts when she saw them. Too bad she didn't get her afternoon nap, as she was very cranky and sleepy by 2pm. We had to open up a gift she had her eye on just to please her. We blew her cake at 2:10pm and its was such a nice greeting because everyone joined and cheered along. We had so much fun!
After Chuck e cheese, the rest of the family went to my parents house to eat dinner and have some filipino dessert.

Eulla with her Princess Tres Leches Cake

Thank you so much to everyone that came! Eulla loves all the gifts that were given. She could not wait to play with it.

Pictures posted at our multiply site.

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