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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Like mother, like daughter :)

We went to Costco to do our usual grocery shopping but since it is Christmas season, the warehouse was full of toys and Christmas decor that as soon as we went inside, Eulla's eyes lit up. As we were walking along different aisles, she noticed a horse. She kept asking if she can try it but her Dad and I insisted that we finish up out list first then come back to it. We must have passed by it several times and she just could not stop asking. So finally, as we were closed to finishing our list, I asked Eumir if I can just take her to the horse while he finishes up the list. After about 5 minutes, Eumir calls and asked to meet him at the cashier. I told Eulla to say bye bye to the horse and she did sadly. Once we were at the cash register, she could not stop talking about it. When she saw that I was almost done paying she had tears in her eyes and had her hands clasp saying "Mom, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEAASE!" Eumir saw and I asked him what should we do. Just in time, Eumir said okay. So they both hurriedly rushed to the toy aisle and Eumir of course looked at it really well if it was worth it but he can no longer say NO. Eulla was so excited, her happiness quickly went around the store. While I was at the front waiting, I already heard people that worked there talking about a little girl being so enthusiastic about buying a horse.


My goodness, while I paid for it Eulla kept telling everyone around her that it was her horse and that we were taking her horse home. Everyone we saw was so happy for her. We had never seen Eulla so excited about a toy. This will be her Christmas gift which she got early. We just hoped that she doesn't get used to getting what she wants every time.

The horse makes different sounds and animates. Wags its tail and even shakes/nods head.
Well, what can I say, like mother, like daughter! Luckily, we have a wonderful, as Eulla would say it..."SUPER DADDY!"


posted by Eubelle at 9:09 PM


awwww! glad she enjoys the horse. my dad came home with one a couple of years ago. =P think when he got maddie's, she was too young still. =P

7:14 PM  

yeah, i remember reading your post on the horse. my gosh, eulla loves this. she even brushes her hair and pretends to feed her.

9:39 PM  

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