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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scooters Jungle

We went to Olivia's 4th birthday party at Scooters Jungle located at Santa Clarita. The party was from 6-8:45pm. This is Eulleah's first party. At 3 weeks old, she's already partying!

Eulla had fun. Eulla only tried a few things at Scooter Jungle. She rode the bike that goes in circles. Another bike that she had to wiggle to start and the small bouncer. She was scared of the big slide and some of the adults which she referred to as "strangers" so she didnt go far from me or her Daddy.
Daddy Eumir on the other hand had super duper fun. He played the ping pong and went on the big slide several times!

Daddy and Leonard going up the slideHappy 4th Birthday OLIVIA!


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