Eulla and Eulleah

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Eulleah at 1 Month

Eulleah is one month today. We have changed her pampers swaddlers from newborn to size 1. She's gaining weight. She still breastfeeds every 2-3 hours. She only exceeded 3 hours several times - those were great because it was during night time (we were able to sleep in a little). She loves to smile. Eulla screams out loud that her sister smiled at her when she catches Leah smile. She likes doing tummy time but only for 10 minutes or so unlike Eulla. Eulla hated tummy time!

Here is Eulleah at 1 month.Leah's innocent lookLeah's - watcha looking at look I caught Leah smiling in her cutie pie!
(Pictures taken from my phone-a bit blurry sorry)

Happy monthsary baby Eulleah!


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