Eulla and Eulleah

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Friday, April 03, 2009

3 Months

Eulleah "Tia" at 3 Months

Eulleah is 3 months today and it looks she's already teething. She's showing 3 signs of teething, like drooling, fussy nursing behavior, and of course, crying. Tia does not really cry that hard unless she is hungry. Our pediatrician said that she does not even mind the gas. Although, I am very diligent in putting mansanilla on her belly so she does not feel any discomfort. That's is why Tia is also known as a happy baby (like Eulla). Tia most always smiles at people she sees. She socializes with everyone.

We started calling her Tia because it is the way Eulla says Leah. I thought it was such a cute name. So now, she has another nickname other than Leah.

Tia is now sleeping 4 hour stretch at night and only gets up to feed and be changed. After the routine is done, she goes right back to sleep which is such a blessing. We are getting much better sleep now. She still breastfeeds and I plan to nurse her till she's 6 months. We tried giving her pumped milk in the bottle but she refused to drink it. I have to figure out a way to slowly get her used to dring from a bottle.

The sad thing, Tia has skin allergies. I assumed it is eczema. I have it, so she took it after me. I quickly changed her shampoo and soap from Mustella to Baby Aveno. I try to control it by moisturising her really well. I pray that it goes away quickly.

Eulleah and Eulla


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