Eulla and Eulleah

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eulleah at 15 weeks old

Eulleah is 15 weeks old today. She is definitely a smiler. She would always greet us with a smile every morning. She loves to coo. Her sleeping patterns are getting better and better. She sleeps 4-5 hour stretch at night and takes 2 naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. She likes to be on her feet. I think she feels like she's a big girl already when she's standing (with support of course).

She still feeds every 3-4 hours. I try to stretch it when she asks for milk within 2 hours. Those are the only times she really cries. Other than that, she's a good little girl. She still wears a number 2 on Pampers swaddlers but as soon as I finish the box we have, I will switch her to the 3's.

Here are some cute pictures of Tia. Photographed by Tito Val.


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i want to squeeze cheeks!!!

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