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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little stuff for the girls

I ordered some stuff for Tia from I love because not only do they deliver in two days, they guarantee to beat any competitor's price on line and my favorite, NO tax! I usually only order pampers but they were having some sale so I decided to get Tia's stuff that I had on my list. So if you peeps plan to check it out and buy something please add me at your check out as a referral (FRUA3751) so you can have $10 off!

I always make it to a point that if I get Tia something, I would always get Eulla something as well. Even if it is just a piece of her favorite candy. In this case, I got Eulla a Ben 10 watch. We went to a birthday party a few days ago and she really wanted one. She loves watching Ben 10. She even know "the Ben 10" moves! This is Eulla's first "boy" toy that I bought.

Tia in the Bumbo seat with her toys and teetherI love baby bjorn stuff. They are so cute. Especially pink ones!
I got sets of organic Stage 1 food as well. Now we're all set to get Tia started with solid food. I just have to ask Eumir to get the high chair from the storage. Be back for my post on Tia getting started with solid food!

Eulla and Tia having fun


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