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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eulleah's Crib

We got Eulleah a Ragazzi crib for her 6 monthsary. We got it a few weeks before she turns 6 months. She has been using her cradle crib which I loved because we can easily roll her from room to room. Unfortunately, she is now outgrowing it. She can still probably use it for one more month but once she starts trying to stand, it will be dangerous.

Daddy assembling the cribThe finished product

I ordered her crib bedding set on line and they are finally here. What it is supposed to look likeHere is the washed in Dreft bedding set. It is so cute!

Tia trying her bed out.Hmmm, I like that it is organic cotton...
(see how she's feeling the fitted sheet)She likes it!More pictures coming soon!

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