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Monday, August 03, 2009

7 Months

Happy seventh monthsary TIA LEAH!

Tia turned 7 months today. She is one active girl now! She can roll all around. She loves to be on her feet either on her pink jeep walker or her jumperoo. When she is on either of the two, she likes to stretch out her arms upwards to let us know that she wants to be carried. Dada found it so funny that he can not resist not getting her. She knows how to give her cutie smiles that shows her gums when she's trying to amuse us.

She also just learned how to clap her hands. Sometimes they do not fully reach each hand but she definitely tries when I ask her to clap.

She is also eating more solids. She has tried organic pear, organic apple, squash and her usual rice cereal with mama's milk. She tried a little rice with nilaga today but just several teaspoon full. Oh, she has also tried some ice cream and she loved it (just a tiny bit) hehehe.

Eulla just woke up from her nap here. Eulla assisted her sister with blowing the candle.


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