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Saturday, September 26, 2009

For the season

It is already fall and it definitely does not feel like it is because it is still in the 100 degree Fahrenheit here in the valley. Although, it is time to get the kids ready for the season. I totally enjoyed shopping for the girls. Can't wait to dress them up!

Tia's shoes TOP: Stride Rite bought for her 8th Monthsary
BOTTOM: Black and Navy Blue with Pink ROBEEZ bought for her 9th MonthsaryEulla's GAP ballet flats Eulla's converse which she choose by the way!Some of Eulla's GAP clothesTia's GAP clothes


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tia's 2nd tooth

Tia's 2nd tooth finally cut her gums today. I can feel it out. It took quite some time before it came out as to why the first one is already out so high. We now welcome her 2nd tooth! Her left lower central incisor.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Eulla's official 1st Day of School

Eulla's pictures L-R: Eulla at home~ drew a duck, Eulla inside the classroom at LSLC, Eulla learning to write the letter E
credits: princess shabby promise collection

Today is Eulla's first day of school in Pre-K. Daddy and I actually enrolled Eulla during the summer classes on the first week of August so that we can see if she is ready for school. Summer school was actually more of summer fun activities. This time, it is more of sticking to a classroom schedule and having a set goal to learn for each week. She definitely enjoyed the days she went during the summer. We will see how the first few weeks go this September.

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8th Monthsary

credits: shabby princess~happygolucky

Tia is 8 months old today. She weighs 18lbs 8oz. She is a very active baby. She loves to always be on her feet and that is why we decided to get a her a new activity toy. It's called the around we go by bright starts. On the first day that we had her try her new toy, she was walking backwards on it. Three days later, she is walking forward.

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