Eulla and Eulleah

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Friday, October 23, 2009

9th Month Well baby check up & Flu shot

Weight: 19.5lbs
Height: 25"
Head Circumference: 17 1/4"

Tia was also scheduled for blood works. It was the most painful thing to watch so Daddy had to hold her. I wanted to tell the phlebotomist to stop but I knew it had to be done. Booohooo!

Eulla was also scheduled to get her seasonal flu shot. Eulla was brave and did not cry at all!


posted by Eubelle at 5:27 PM


Oh my! Look at those chubby thighs!

10:21 AM  

Those thighs are a Ruanto signature *wink* eulla had those too!

11:43 AM  

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