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Saturday, October 03, 2009

9th Monthsary

Tia turned 9 months today. We celebrated at Filmore. It was Tia's first "real" train ride. We got Tia a new toy for her monthsary. It is a Fisher Price Stride to Ride Lion. It will help her learn to balance herself and walk with guidance.

Tia has been eating baby yogurt for almost 2 weeks now. She loves the strawberry, berries and peach flavor. She has been eating the stage 2 Gerber solid food. Her favorite is the organic green peas. I still breastfeed Tia. I plan to till she turns one year old. It was suggested by her pediatrician so that her skin allergies may go away. She has been trying to crawl but it is more like rolling. She has been saying Mama to get my attention. She likes to babble. She knows it makes us all happy when she does it. She knows how to clap her hands when asked (For 2 months now). She also knows how to play "close~open" which she learned in one day when we left her at her grandparents house for 3 hours.

Happy 9th Monthsary TIA!

Tia with her cute leg warmers.

Eulla with her new toy. Her first board game. Tia admiring her Ate.


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I know that onesie! Berry has a similar one from Baby Gap! Cute! Tia's a big girl now! And look at the proud Ate with her Chutes & Ladders!

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