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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tia and her words

Decided to video Tia after she woke up from her nap. She was stuck in one place because she was trying to do her number 2. But since she was in the mood to talk while I was holding the camera, I recorded it with Eulla.



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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tia turns 18 Months

Today, Tia turns 18 months. She can say a lot of things now like Mama, Dada, Ate, Lolo, this, ohoh, poo poo, thank you, hi, hello, and bye bye. She can follow directions from Dada and Mama. When Tia finishes her milk, Dada always tells her to put her bottle back in a specific table and she does it. The funniest thing is when Dada ask her to get her own wipes! We have two locations for wipes and she knows which is the closest to her. She knows where to get her snacks and how to turn on the TV and even play with the ipod touch.

Tia loves dancing. She dances even when she sits in her car seat just as long as she knows what music is playing. She gets into the grove when we are playing Party in the USA or songs by Taylor Swift.

Since I have not blogged in so long, Here are pictures of Tia within the month that she turned 18 months.

The many face of Tia.
She loves to pose this way. But on this specific pose, she wanted to show me that she put on powder on herself.Ate Eulla and Tia

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Monthsary Gift

Tia is now 18 months. We decided to get her a new toy. I used to be able to bring Eulla to the park at least a few times a month but now that there are two of them, it's hard to keep an eye on both girls while we are in a park. So we decided even though we are overflowing with toys in the living room, we bought this climber for Tia.

Daddy assembling the climberThe girls trying out the unfinished slideAhh, finally, time to chill in the swing. While Eulla drives the ship!

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