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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Potty Training with Tia

Today marks a special day in the Ruanto household...
July 5th, we decided to try and potty train Tia since we were staying at home because it is just so darn hot outside! Right after Tia's bath in the morning, I had her put on a cute underwear to have her get really excited. I had her watch the potty training DVD with her Ate Eulla. Then, I explained to Tia what is involved if she went "wee wee" in the potty. On the first day, she ended up going to the potty once and had three accidents. By night time, I had her wear her pull ups.
Today, when she work up, I asked her if she wants to go wee wee in the potty and she screamed out "YES!" so we ran to the potty and she went. It's nearly 5pm and she has gone to her potty for the 4th time and has not had a single accident. I hope this is it! I think she's got the idea!

We promised Tia that on the one week that she has used her potty for her wee wee, we will be buying the piano she has kept visiting along the isles of Target. How exciting!

First day of potty training. Tia 2 got starburst candy for going to the potty.

Tia just woke up and decided to go weewee :)
(Sorry for the wee wee pic, I thought it was a cute picture)

Today, Tia got several stickers and candies for a good job!

When stickers and candies are no longer enough to make them happy, a touch of red lipstick to encourage Tia to follow up with her potty training. That definitely made both girls excited!
Thanks to Ate Eulla for reminding Tia to use the potty.
I ♥ my girls!

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

30th Monthsary

Today my little Tia turns 2 1/2. How time flies.

Tia can start to count at 5 and end at 11. Weird that it starts out at 5 but funny! She can sing along to the ABC song and Twinkle, twinkle little star. She has a very good vocabulary! She can even say "I understand" at 2 and a half years old. Tia loves to dress up. She definitely loves to put on lipstick thanks to Tita Liza who introduced a bright red lipstick to her right after she turned 2 at January.

Tia can say her name and if asked how old she is, she will answer loud and clear. She loves to copy whatever her Ate is doing as to how fights escalade from time to time. (hay, i think that's just the way it is) But other than that, my little Tia is growing up to be an awesome little girl!


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